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2009-07-16 08:22:20 by Elder

I might be, not sure yet. I hafta check the state the forums are in. But...I might be back.


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2009-07-17 00:37:45

Well, return when you do. I'd love to feel that I'm not alone in the BBS.

Elder responds:

You're never alone, man. The crowds love ya. :D


2009-07-17 13:26:46

I always thought they hated me.

Elder responds:

They do, I was just saying that to make you feel better. :)
Oops. ;)


2009-07-18 01:25:10

or you can give your account to me.

Elder responds:

Do I know you?


2009-07-19 14:14:53

Hey...weren't you elder500?

Elder responds:

So what if I was? :D
You weren't notified that I changed my name? Just lookit my siggy. :D
How's it goin' with you?


2009-07-19 16:28:31

Oh I didn't see your sig....

It's actually going pretty good. I'll probably see if I can get my name changed soon. Or not.

Elder responds:

Cool, cool. Good luck with the name change. :)
What're you planning to change it to?