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2009-07-22 23:34:40 by Elder

What should I make this post about?
(other than penis)


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2009-07-22 23:35:59

How has your life been?

Elder responds:

hmmm....My life's been boring, nothing special here. How about your life? Anything suspicious my news post should know about?


2009-07-22 23:39:22

Quantom physics

Elder responds:

Of course, how could've I forgotten?
If people forget quantom physics, we can pretend that it's just not there. Nobody likes gravity anyway.


2009-07-23 00:06:24

random comments

Elder responds:

No, no, you need people to post random comments to have a news post about 'em. Too late for that.


2009-07-23 01:13:57

cock jokes. not penis jokes. entirely different things.

Elder responds:

Why did the cock cross the road?


2009-08-06 00:23:10

I heard that in certain parts of the world, the vagina is called the unpenis.

Elder responds:

WHOA. And here I was thinking it was more of a magnet.