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Pretty Good

The music was nice, it gave a calm, fitting touch to the piece. Well done there. The animation was also very good, nice job. It was a bit weird, but regardless, the animation took real skill to make.

Some improvements would be to make some parts a bit faster, like when you're starting back off with a line (when an image fades back into a line).

Other than that, this is a pretty good flash. Well done, keep up the good work!

Enlightener57 responds:

Thanks for the review!

I Don't Know What You People Are Talking About

I love these flashes. They set an example for crew flashes everywhere. IT shows that not all "crews" have to spam; nice job, I'm looking forward to the next one. Is this supposed to be spam? If so, I congratulate you, because this is the best one I've seen in ages, and this is an example for all spammers everywhere on what their flashes should look like. If not, great job anyway, I liked it.

Favorited, keep up the good work.

Madanimation responds:

Thank you my good man :3


You don't need the epileptic warning, but it was a good idea.

Make it longer next time, finish the plot. Good sound effects, though.

Madanimation responds:


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Nice Job!

Great animation, and nice job on the gameplay! It was a really interesting and fun game, I had fun for a good while! The animation/drawing of the helicopter and the soldiers was nice, and the background was also good. The bombs were cool, but I didn't like the random bomb spawning (when they're coming from the side on level 13, I believe. The tip is "you're gonna die."). To make it a bit easier, maybe you could make the bombs only come in a single pattern (in one level, of course).

The second thing I think might've made the game a bit too hard is the wings of the helicopter. Not the animation, it was great; but maybe next time you could set it to be so that you only get blown up if the body of the helicopter, not the wings, touch the bombs?

Overall, though, great game. I'm looking forward to the next one, great job! :)

TheSongSalad responds:

thanks a lot for the review! i'm glad you appreciate it!

Great Game

I loved the game and gameplay, but I have a glitch to report.

After playing for a little while on a map (I got.....110 kills), then it started to glitch up. I was using the Jackhammer, but then I started using the Lead Pipe- after a while of rapid ninja piping, I switched back to the Jackhammer, and noticed something odd; THERE WAS ONLY ONE BULLET IN EACH CLIP. I mean, it showed that there was a regular round in there, but after I fired ONE shot, the clip was gone, and it reloaded. I made sure that it wasn't because I used a clip previously; every clip that I started FRESH said the right numbers, but when I fired a SINGLE BULLET, the entire thing went "poop," and I had to reload. It counted the single shot as a clip, so I was also burning through ammo while doing almost no damage, reloading 90% of the time. I died before getting the 150 kills achievement because of this. :(

Great Job

This is a wonderful concept, nice job! The graphics are good, and the gameplay is awesome! Now, the thing is, the gameplay does become a little "repetitive" and, well, eventually....annoying. I loved the game in the beginning, but then it got a bit repetitive. If new levels enabled new enemies, powerups (LASTING powerups), then the game would be much better, and much more addictive. This game, though, is great as it is, well done!

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This could be a "Credits" song!

I guess that's why it's called end-game?

Anyway, it's great. I loved the use of pretty much everything, nice mix! Maybe next time you could make the song a little "heavier", with more of a distinct tone to it. For example, if you think of "Iron Man," you instantly think of that tune.

Other than that, it was a great song. Keep making more, you have real potential!

SilentCobra responds:

Thanks man, considering this was just a remix at a few random points in a downloaded score, I did pretty damn good. I hope to see some audio from you as well. This could also be used to introduce an anime series on NG. That wold kick major ass!!

Happy Birthday!

You want a review? Here you go! :)

Nice job with the effects! The thing, it could be a little longer, and a little more "developed," if you know what I mean.

Good job, though!

What I've Been Waiting For

An amazing twist of classical and rock music, this song is amazing; it would make TV as an opener, or theme song. This song has ups, downs, and plain rock beats- it's like the plots of Shakespeare without words. Other than what I said, I can't describe this song well enough- listen to it and you will agree. Cazok has outdone himself, and I feel bad for any competitors in his way. Amazing job.

cazok responds:

Plots of Shakespeare without words... That's more than good enough for me to understand what you mean about the song :)
If they threw away all the dialogs in Shakespeare it would indeed be much more exciting, though sadly short. Thanks for the comments!

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