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And I missed you guys. :3


2009-05-04 20:06:50 by Elder

Wow, hypnosis really does work.
Also: Many thanks to TomFulp for chasing away the numerals from my username!

Everyone has one BIG secret.

2009-04-28 22:53:15 by Elder

Keep yours hidden well.

Or post 'em here.

^Second option looks good to me.

I Became Evil

2009-04-22 20:16:09 by Elder

And I love it.

Ah, Shit.

2009-04-06 21:11:00 by Elder

I dropped my cookies on the floor.

Edit: Next few people that post on my page get pie.

Lorem Ipsum...

2009-04-04 18:43:00 by Elder

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Edit: If no one guesses the "language" this is in within 3 days, I'll post it here. GET GUESSING!

Edit: Lublub194 guessed that it's lorem ipsum, dummy/filler text. :)

I'm Buyin' Shit

2009-04-02 18:15:02 by Elder

From the NG store. Whoopee! Now I need to find some recommendations, and my $20.

Ah, HERE are the recommendations for T-shirts!

Edit: I bought 4 t-shirts. They looked worth it, but they haven't come in the mail yet. I bought 2 tankmen ones, a happy clock one, and the dog t-shirt. Check out the "Gear" part of my userpage to see. :)


2009-04-01 19:47:08 by Elder

We are n0t 3qual.

Am3rican = "Capitalist Pig"

BB5 = "rice patty," or "rice paddy"

l0l= "giggle"

Much more is to be learning about the rebellion soon, keep the discussion quiet, my children.


2009-03-31 21:31:17 by Elder

I just love this time of year.

Edit: Thanks for everyone who update nice userpage, I have much fun. ^_^

This Post Is Irradiated

2009-03-19 17:52:10 by Elder

So stay away unless you have your irradiation suit on.

Irradiation is pretty cool, it can jack up your body in good AND bad ways. Radiation comes from objects that are unstable; these objects CONSTANTLY give off energy, but they are EXTREMELY unstable. Example; Nuclear waste.

Also, irradiated stones (quartz) look cool, irradiated animals do not. I wonder, how does an irradiated post look?