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Post Here If You're Bored

2009-01-09 17:29:50 by Elder

And I'll make things interesting for you, I promise.


Or just make fun of me. :d

It's That Time Of Year Again!

2009-01-01 13:45:11 by Elder

Yes, it's that time of year again where we all have LIVES!

I hope you had a very happy New Year, because I had a partial one.

I went to see a musical called Pal Joey, and it was very nice. The only bad part about it was that it had almost NO plot. It was like a dragged out drama, of one guy trying to keep two girls hooked on him. Joey, a dancer, wanted to start his own nightclub. Problem, he didn't have any money.

So he flirted/sexed with the richest married woman in town, and she sponsored him. Now, his true love saw this flirting, she didn't like it one bit. In the end, the old wife threw him on the street and he ran back to his true love, even if he didn't have a job. I have to say, though, that the dancing and singing was nice.

After the play, I went home and celebrated New Years.

If you're still reading this, thanks for staying with me. How was your New Years?

Obama's Checklist

2008-12-29 12:29:59 by Elder

On election day, I was a McCain supporter. I believed that McCain was best for the US. When he wasn't elected, I said, "Ah, well, Obama is good enough."

I've changed my opinion of Obama, however.

His statements have exceeded all of my expectations, and made me extremely happy. He seems to be one of those Presidents that never stop working, realizing their time as President limited.

I read in Time Magazine that he has his own "checklist" which he will later go through with the public, in two years, to see if he had completed all things on the list.

His checklist:
"Have we helped this economy recover from what is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression?"

"Have we instituted financial regulations and rules of the road that assure this kind of crisis won't occur again?"

"Have we created jobs that pay well and allow families to support themselves?"

"Have we made significant progress on reducing the cost of health care and expanding coverage?"

"Have we begun what will probably be a decade-long project to shift America to a new energy economy?"

"Have we begun what may be an even longer project of revitalizing our public school systems?"

"Have we closed down Guantanamo in a responsible way, put a clear end to torture and restored balance between the demands of our security and our Constitution?"

"Have we rebuilt allances around the world effectively?"

"Have I drawn down U.S. troops out of Iraw, and have we strengthened our approach in Afganistan- not just militarily, but also diplomatically and in terms of development?"


"Have we been able to reinvigorate international institutions to deal with transnational threats, like climate change, that we can't solve on our own?"

I think this is great, I'm really looking forward to the future.

Merry Christmas!

2008-12-26 11:49:47 by Elder

I know it's a bit late, but I'll throw this out there. Merry Christmas everybody!
Say hi to fat suit over there!

Jizz in My Pants

2008-12-07 21:27:52 by Elder

This video is hysterical.

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