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I Have Nothing To Post About

2009-03-02 07:36:45 by Elder

So I won't make a new post. There.

Birthday Comin' Up

2009-02-22 13:09:27 by Elder

Well, mine's on the first of March. Whoppee. :)

It seems that plenty of people have their birthday in February-March.

It's my birthday today! :)

Thanks a ton, guys! This is one of the happiest (and funniest) birthdays I've had so far. :)

New Computer, Bitches!

2009-02-18 19:23:56 by Elder

I've just installed my new computer. It's an awesome machine, 22" HDMI monitor, and a quad core running on 3.0 Ghz. I'll post all of the specs later.

My graphics card is also insane, I just played Crysis, all settings on Very High, and it ran as smooth as body oil. Quickened body oil. The thing about Crysis, though, you sneak around too much. I think you should get more powerful, a health boost, or SOMETHING that gives you an advantage other than your suit.

Right now, I'm installing the Orange box. I can't wait for Half Life 2 and Portal, I heard that they're great.


Hint: The cake is a lie.

The FUN Page

2009-02-11 17:29:21 by Elder

Somebody fill me in on what to post about.

BlazingIce, my dear friend, has given me the brilliant idea of posting about whoever wishes so! Everyone SWARM, GO CRAZY.

BlazingIce is the genius who started this trend. Everyone wants to be like him, especially the mods.
Happygamerz is a happy gamer. Surprising, huh?
And he has AIDS. :D
SilverDragonZ is holding me hostage. By a banstick. Everyone worship him, or.....he'll.....I dunno, file a complaint.
MonkeyV is the guy who slammed a train into a thread and derailed it. He's also the guy who's gonna give me a ban-free pass once he becomes mod. :)

A Pleasant Surprise

2009-02-10 17:33:17 by Elder

Have you ever went on the BBS to find that one of your threads had been bumped, for whatever reason? Well, I have, and I now formally thank anyone who has done so, even unintentionally. E-cookies for all of you!

To hell with the rest of you. ;)

Can't We All Just Get Along?

2009-02-08 12:05:20 by Elder

No. What we can do is tie you in a barrel and throw you in a river. Later, we'd come back for the barrel because you're not even worth that.

In other news, the LL have started to make great "spam" flashes. Although they are "spam" in a sense. They do, however, provide a prime example for all spam everywhere. These are the best spam flashes I've ever seen, and I think that they're great, unlike the DD.

My Complaints Parlor

2009-02-04 21:58:18 by Elder

Aren't you lucky?
Now, here's a place you get to bitch and moan about the BBS, me, or how the admins are unfair.

While I sit and laugh. :D

Welcome to my Userpage

2009-02-03 17:14:09 by Elder

It's probably better than yours.


Cool! I'm glad I've managed to stay unbanned for this long, about 1-2 months, I believe. I must be getting better at this. Anyway, I've got my second longest ban, but I'm not complaining. I knew I had it coming.

Well, I guess I can say thanks to Jonas for not making it longer. Seriously, thanks, I appreciate it. :D

Well...there's MY sob story, and you people must comment like crazy, or I'll get bored. :(

So, leave a comment!

Banned For The First Time In A While

Post Here If You're Banned

2009-01-11 17:37:57 by Elder

And why! I'll hear your sob story, and make comments! :D

If not, just post funny comments! :D